Church Governance Sites
PCUSA – This is a link to the web site of the Presbyterian Church USA. This site contains information on a wide variety of information and resources available to all members of the reformed Presbyterian Church of USA.

National Capital Presbytery – This is a link to the web site of our Presbytery, the National Capital Presbytery.

Geneva Presbyterian Statistics – Statistics Published for Geneva Presbyterian Church on PC USA

Presbyterian Creeds – This is the link to a PCUSA site which provides an extensive number of the creeds and confessions of the Presbyterian Church.

Seal – The Presbyterian Cross – Interesting Presbyterian site providing definitions for the symbolism of the Presbyterian Cross.

Daily Readings – This is a link to a PCUSA site that provides daily bible readings, prayer requests and catechism questions.

Biblical Sites
The Bible Gateway – This is a link to the web site of The Bible Gateway which is a bible search engine that allows it visitors to perform bible text and passage searches on various different versions of the Bible including the New International Version.

Cyber Hymnal– A Collection of Christian Hymns for your listening pleasure.

Bible Research

Scriptorium Center for Christian Antiquities, The  (biblical manuscripts)

Perseus Project, The (Tuft University’s resource for Classic and Koine Greek)

Dead Sea Scrolls

Audio Bible provides a audio reading of any selected biblical passage

Back To The Bible

Bible Memory By Memlok memorize bible passages

Bible Broadcasting Network

Bible Stories for Adults grownup bible studies

Bible Studies Fellowship (BSF International)

Christian Education Ministries – provides many Christian education resources

Christian Answers Net – discussion of may contemporary Christian issues

Christian Center – a site with many biblical reference links

Christian Ecclesiology (from an historical perspective)

Christian Information Ministries (current theological issues)

Worldwide Study Bible: Scripture and study notes

Geneva Study Bible: 1599 Study Bible provided by

Biblos: Over 100 translations in many languages, concordance, dictionary

The Unbound Bible – Bible Search engine, commentaries, dictionaries, maps

A Christian Seder – Passover Dinner

Other Sites of Interest

Geneva Day
– This is a link to the web site of The Geneva Day School.

Stephen Ministry

Calvinism — Ten Little Caveats

Bible Places

ABZU (University of Chicago’s Repository of Ancient Near Eastern Materials)

Christian Research Institute (articles from CRI Journal)

BiblePower (clipart)

Christianity Today – a monthly magazine with many church resources and periodicals

ChristiaNet (business, jobs, etc.) Biblical map site

Chapel on the Web