“My child, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments; for length of days and years of life and abundant welfare they will give you.”
Proverbs 3:1-2

The Christian Education Ministry (CEM) is responsible for encouraging and strengthening discipleship in children, youth and adults.  Put simply, Christian Education at Geneva is all about Christian formation. Coordinated by the Director of Christian Education and Session liaison Lisa Millet Crecelius, along with the guidance of over fifteen enthusiastic Sunday School teachers, the CEM:

  • Plans and provides for Christian growth opportunities for the church membership at large;
  • Administers church school, youth programs, and nursery care;
  • Offers unique service and fellowship opportunities for families with elementary-school aged children;
  • Researches and develops creative approaches in Christian religious education and worship; and
  • Meets on a quarterly basis.

For Geneva Presbyterian, Christian Education is all about making people aware of the Spirit working in their lives and helping them to be transformed through that knowledge.  Accordingly, we do this through our choice of Sunday School curricula, our adult and youth Bible studies, our educational and storytelling opportunities within worship, and (most importantly) through building a community of mentors and elders.

We hope that you will come experience what the Spirit is doing at Geneva!

  1. Sunday School is open to all GPC youth and returning youth visitors ages infant to young adult. The program has provided new and modern children’s bibles, a reusable curriculum, children’s study books, Bible Hero study sets, Christian art supplies and incentive stickers and motivational teaching supplies.


  1. Youth Group is open to Geneva youth ages 12 – 21 or in at least 6th grade.


  1. Youth Theater is a fun and educational experience of rehearsing and performing a Christmas pageant and is for all GPC Sunday School students and/or Youth Group members and adult volunteers.


  1. Youth Leadership Retreat was open to Confirmands, regular Sunday School teens and regular Youth Group members provided that they were a Christian and a teen or tween.


  1. Youth Leadership Initiative and Internship is a new youth program set up in 2015 and is a duty and task training opportunity open to Confirmands and/or baptized members of Geneva with a good SSL resume, (having already completed a 5-hour minimum of leadership training is desired and suggested, but not required) and must possess a willingness to learn a position working in the Church (example: student assistant teaching Sunday school, learning to use the sound booth or food preparation) and potentially mentoring other youths.


  1. Youth Mission Work has been made available for Sunday School Students and Youth Group Members, and was an educational experience of compassion and a leadership opportunity for GPC Interns. In conjunction with the USNSCC, a gift-wrapping and treat-making event for Wounded Warriors and Veterans at Walter Reed Hospital was attended.


  1. Mommy and Me Teddy Bear and Dolly Tea, which was an event in its 2nd year, is a unique bonding experience and charming Tea Party celebrating Mother’s Day and the relationship between Christian woman and girls. It is intended for mothers, grandmothers and other women in our Geneva Community or who are related to those in our Geneva Community, who have young daughters, granddaughters or nieces.


  1. Mother’s Day Tribute is a youth event that provides to the congregation a modest meal and/or refreshments that are served and a modest mother’s day gift which is given to every mother in the congregation, and is hosted and staffed by the Youth Sunday School Members.


  1. Easter Eggstravaganza Festival is an event that is open to the public youth where there are games, prizes and an Easter Egg Hunt at the church.







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